Modern, alternative and unique! A textile vase that will instantly brighten up and give a touch of colour to any interior space and will definitely won't stay unnoticed. 


Developed in two different shapes (see the collection here) that fit a typical 50cl sized plastic or glass bottle inside, so you can put your flowers inside.


  • 80s 90s shapes print 
  • Fits inside: 50cl plastic bottle or any other vessel (suggested diameter: 21cm)
  • Thick velvet fabric (printed with eco friendly inks)
  • Fabric thickener for a sturdy look
  • Memphis style zig zag shape
  • Literally unbreakable! Will last forever!


* Spot clean with a dump towel when needed


Please allow 5-7 days for your vase to be made

"Blue Fizz" print zig-zag textile vase