A few words about Cherry and Mint

Hi i'm Zoey, the person behind Cherry and mint. After i finished college where i studied graphic design & advertising, had my masters in Animation, i went back to my Country and immediately started a day job as a graphic designer. Although i love what i do, this day job was not fulfilling my creative needs.

I started Cherry and Mint, as an art blog at first because i wanted to create a space where i could share my personal work as well as to create more art for my self. About a year later while i was working on a new personal project every other day, i realised my excitement for surface design. 


In the meantime i was already working on my sewing skills by taking classes and making clothing for me and my friends in an attempt to get away from mass market that, in my opinion, was/is just cloning people and everyone ends up wearing a different variation of the same outfit. 


In 2016 i realised that my two big loves (sewing & designing) could be combined. This resulted to the creation of my own brand with a small range of illustrated all-over print clothing.


Since then i am slowly evolving my baby brand, my partner George Vasileiou, who is a motion graphics artist, hopped in with his photography skills making this into our multi-disciplinary on-going project.

Cherry and Mint is a project which reflects my love to create, explore and experiment through art and fashion while maintaining disciplines and ecological views into perspective with textiles printed using eco friendly inks.


Through Cherry and Mint's garments i wish to inspire more people to explore their own unique style without feeling trapped into the norms. Fashion is not about following the trends blindly but be influenced in order to find your unique self and be comfortable with the image you project. 


Thanks for coming by

Zoey xx

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