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A few words about Cherry and Mint

Hi i'm Zoey, the person behind almost every step of the process for Cherry and mint products. I studied graphic design & advertising, had my masters in Animation, in 2009 i came back to Cyprus and started a full time job as a graphic designer. Although i love what i do, the graphic designer's job was not fulfilling my creative needs.

At first I created Cherry and Mint in 2014 in a form of an art blog, i wanted to create a space where i could share my work as well as to push my self creatively in order to evolve and explore my personal art style. About a year later, i realised my excitement for surface design. 


I was already working on my sewing skills, it was something that i always loved and had at the back of my mind, i started making clothing pieces for me and my friends as a way to get away from mass produced items plus the idea of wearing something that can bring out your uniqueness was always exciting for me.

When i realised that the two things i love the most (sewing & designing) could be combined i decided to create my own brand, which i couldn't name anything else other than my blog's name. It started out with a small range of illustrated all-over print clothing and accessories and it's slowly evolving since then! I'd like to think of the brand as a project which reflects my love to create, explore and experiment through art and fashion.

After creating my brand and being more into things, i started realising the negative impact fast fashion has to the environment. Therefore I try to practice ethical & sustainable views as much as possible. My textiles are printed with eco-friendly inks, most of them are organic fabrics and i regularly have products that are made with off-cuts so i can reduce fabrics that would have gone to waste.


Cherry and Mint pieces aim to lift your mood up through colourful prints and patterns. They are versatile so they can be styled in multiple ways & very easily to be worn up or down depending the occasion. They are inspired but not based on fashion trends so they can be worn for many years to come and most of all are here to bring more happiness, joy and colour into our world! :)

Thanks for coming by

Zoey xx

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