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Cherry and Mint Gift Card




Cherry and Mint Gift Cards are here!!!


How does it work:

Choose the amount you want to send as a gift, enter the recipient's details (make sure everything is correct) & write a lovely message.


After completing checkout, you will receive an email confirmation about your purchase and the gift card recipient will receive an email with their unique gift card code, detailed instructions and all gift card details! 

Gift cards are valid for 24months from the day of purchase and can be used to purchase any product available in our website

Here's the steps on how you can redeem your c&m Gift card:

Choose the item(s) you want to purchase, enter your shipping info & forward to where the payment method is. Select the "Redeem a gift card" option at checkout. Enter your unique gift card code and you're good to go!


*IMPORTANT NOTE! The code is not valid and won't work if you put it in as a "gift voucher" at checkout stage! 

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