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While working on my brand i realised how much fashion affects our planet. In all honesty, everything was a huge leaning curve for me since i started Cherry and Mint, and so were all the ways to be more sustainable as a brand and as a person too. 


I am now aware that fashion industry is one of our planet’s biggest polluters that is why i do my best to lower any fabric waste i might have and to contribute to polluting our planet as little as possible. 


When it comes to my fabrics, all of them are ethically sourced and printed with eco-friendly inks in small batches. They use minimum water to be printed and most of them are cotton or organic. I’m slowly retiring any poly fabrics i used to have, hoping that soon, 100% of my products will be made with natural fabrics


I design season-less small collections with versatile pieces that are easy to wear in multiple ways. My products are inspired by fashion trends but are not based on them, as i i'd rather offer my customers clothing that will eventually have a longer lifetime and don't want to promote over consumption. All my clothing pieces are made to order, that means that no unnecessary products are being produced that could end up being a waste. 


I have been saving remnants and off cut fabrics for a zero waste production since the early days. I try to use as many off-cuts as possible, even little pieces by creating one of a kind products that are made entirely out of them. I use my sample sale collections to design and make one-of-a-kind pieces by bringing to use my fabric remnants, which helps me reduce my waste up to 80% and also offer multiple unique pieces that will be only be made once.

For products that we do not make in house, like socks, it's very important to me that i find a small family business to work with. All of these products are manufactured in the EU or UK


Your orders are packaged with eco-friendly tissue paper from which the paper is sourced and managed sustainably, made without chemicals and printed with soy based inks. Finally your order will be sealed and shipped in a recyclable mailer. As of this year (2021) and as soon as all of our already purchased poly mailers are gone, we will only use mailers made from recycled plastics with a second adhesive strip so they can also be used more than once. After use they can be recycled in soft plastics.


Thank you so much for reading! 

Zoey x

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